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Styled Tough Styled Tough Styled Tough
Two luggages standing on concrete Medium shot of dark colour luggage Single dark luggage on top of wet floor with reflections Two luggages on the ground, smaller white on the left, bigger brown on the right

Because we’re made to go places.

They say it’s easier to take the beaten path.
But why wouldn’t we want to walk our own?

After all, this is our life. Our story.

To stand up for our beliefs and leave our mark,
To embrace all forms of beauty and perfection,
To pursue the unique and flavourful,
To see the world and be seen in return.

And even when things get hard, we won’t stop, Because we dare follow our hearts.
The best part?
We won’t be going it alone.

Styled Tough Styled Tough
Unimax luggage with two female models sitting down on a yellow bench in the background
Styled Tough Styled Tough
Male carrying the C-LITE luggage with his right hand, slinged camera held in left hand, posing on the stairs looking up ahead
Styled Tough Styled Tough
Asian male rolling the RICHMOND II outside in front of a mall
Styled Tough Styled Tough
Blonde asian female posing with the Samsonite MINTER luggage in a neon lit street alley

Live your style

Samsonite UNIMAX, C-LITE, RICHMOND II and MINTER luggages group shot
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